Frequently asked questions:

Who participates in the UFC?

  • Municipalities, universities, cemeteries, parks and golf courses all benefit from Urban Forestry Consortium membership. Non-profits, regional planning organizations, state agencies and other groups interested in collaborating on tree management efforts in the St. Louis Metro area are encouraged to engage.

Why is working through a Consortium beneficial?

  • The Urban Forestry Consortium framework leverages the power of many to reduce the cost associated with tree management. The Consortium also connects programs to a network of professionals as well as project and funding opportunities.
  • We are here to help minimize the technical and financial burden of tree management so the St. Louis metro area can maximize the economical, social and environmental benefits of trees. 

What role do Davey Tree experts play in the UFC?

  • Davey Resource Group, a division of Davey Tree Expert Company, Davey supports the Urban Forestry Consortium Manager position.  

Why is Davey sponsoring this initiative?

  • Davey Resource Group offers a full range of natural resource and utility consulting services to commercial, residential, municipal and governmental markets. Part of its corporate social responsibility is to support community efforts and sustainable programs. By investing in the Urban Forestry Consortium, Davey provides the capacity needed to consistently manage the Consortium operations and elevate the regional capacity for local tree management. As Urban forestry needs and issues develop, Davey believes its services could be part of the solution.

Will we be required to hire Davey for all contract work?

  • No. The Urban Forestry Consortium does not require any contract or work commitment with Davey, however Davey may perform contract management and other administrative services.
  • Davey will not be involved in reviewing RFP or bid submissions. The groups participating in the RFP will be responsible to review and make all award decisions.

Aren’t there already groups like this around? What is new about this?

  • There are many successful consortium examples in the area (library, trash, salt, public art) but none focus on tree management.
  • The Urban Forestry Consortium aims to work with all existing groups and build partnerships at all levels. The unique opt-in dynamic of the Urban Forestry Consortium allows members to participate at their convenience and benefit from the services and projects that make sense within their communities. Members voice issues, concerns and needs, the Consortium collaborates and targets collective solutions.

As a member, what is my city’s obligation to the network?

  • Become an Urban Forestry Consortium member through a project or network event, or contact us. The no-cost and no-contract format makes participation easy and flexible to maximize members and benefits.
  • The only requirement for membership is a commitment to actively manage and improve your local urban forest resource.
  • Specific projects will dictate roles and responsibilities of members but all will be pre-approved and agreed upon.

What are some examples of UFC projects?

  • The Urban Forestry Consortium launched in 2016 and will continue to grow. Project summaries and success will be highlighted on this website under the “Project Highlights” tab.
  • A few initial examples include:
    • The Consortium, in partnership with Beyond Housing, collaborated with 15 North County communities to combine tree inventory projects resulting in a cost reduction and availability of management software.
    • Urban Forestry Consortium joined the Missouri Community Forestry Council to host the Trees in Trouble documentary to educate members and city decision makers about the regional emerald ash borer challenges emerging in the St. Louis metro.

Does the UFC operate outside of the St. Louis metro area?

  • Currently the UFC is focused on St. Louis, St. Louis County and St. Charles County.  If you have a project or need we would love to discuss. Give us a call or contact us via email.


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